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We have put together the best tips for carpet cleaning. In our article, you will not only learn more about carpet cleaning and prices, but you will also learn about old home remedies for carpet cleaning and get valuable tips on how to clean office carpets or take care of your carpets at home. From the scotchgard furniture protection service you can have the best deals.

Professional carpet cleaning: check prices

Regardless of whether it is a permanently installed carpet or loose carpets with regular use, dirt, marks or even stains occur. In order to have office carpets cleaned, a janitor service who takes care of professional carpet cleaning is often immediately considered. In private households, professional carpet cleaning is less often considered for fear of high costs.

Before you discard professional cleaning by a caretaker and you spend a lot of time on complex carpet cleaning and care, check the prices for carpet cleaning. This is often cheaper than you might have expected.

Let us create a non-binding offer for you: Professional carpet cleaning prices

Professional carpet cleaning is possible on site at home or in the office. It includes all costs, materials such as cleaning agents or auxiliary materials are not additionally charged.

Use old household remedies for carpet cleaning

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For stubborn stains, use the old household baking soda and baking soda for carpet cleaning. Simply apply some baking soda to the affected area and spray hot water from a spray bottle onto the stain. Then please do not rub or dab. Just wait and let the mixture soak in longer with stubborn stains. Later you can simply vacuum it away with the vacuum cleaner.

Red wine stains which home remedy for carpet cleaning help here?

Rely on salt for red wine stains for carpet care. Speed ​​is required here, because the sooner you sprinkle the salt on the stain, the higher the chances that the stain can be removed from the carpet without leaving any residue. Sprinkle the salt liberally on the stain until the liquid is soaked up and then vacuum it away with a vacuum cleaner. This trick also works with other liquids.

Dried stains are old home remedies suitable for carpet cleaning?

There are also old home remedies for carpet cleaning for dried stains. Vinegar and lemon juice are particularly popular here. The acids contained in a natural way ensure that the fibers of the carpet are loosened and the dried dirt is better dissolved. But be careful: Both home remedies have the disadvantage of carpet care that they can have a bleaching effect. Please test in advance on the underside or at a hidden part of your carpet whether there is a loss of color.

Glass cleaner for universal carpet cleaning for stains

Glass cleaner is an absolute insider tip among stain removers and is also suitable, for example, for cleaning office carpets, since it is usually always within reach as a cleaning agent. Simply spray on the glass cleaner. Let it work for a short time and dab it off. Incidentally, this method is also suitable for solid and already dried stains.

Shaving foam for carpet care

Do you want to take care of your carpeting and carefully remove stains? Try out shaving cream with as few additives as possible. This usually cleans carpets as well as professional carpet cleaners. Simply spray the shaving cream onto the contamination, work it in carefully with a brush and then vacuum with the vacuum cleaner.