E-cigarettes Usage and its Harmful Issues

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E-cigarettes are available in various sizes and shapes. Every e-cigarette has the batter, a place for holding liquid, and a heating element. E-cigarettes will produce an aerosol when a liquid is heated. This will contain nicotine which is an addictive drug available in normal cigarettes, tobacco products, and cigars. There are many flavorings available and some chemicals for producing the aerosol. E-cigarettes are called in various names in different regions of the world. They will look like normal cigarettes, pipes, or cigars. Some E-cigarettes will resemble the same as a pen, USB stick, and many more usual things. This is also called as vaping. glassware from Greenstone

E-cigarettes are new in the market and so much researches are going on about them. Scientists are focusing to find out the long term effects in health on using the E-cigarettes. They contain nicotine and so it is highly addictive. It is a toxic used for developing fetuses. This will harm the brain development of adolescents and young adults. Thus, nicotine is very dangerous to health mostly for pregnant women and babies developing inside the mother’s womb. Not only nicotine is dangerous, the aerosol which is present inside the E-cigarettes is also dangerous.

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The aerosol consists of chemicals that cause cancer and some tiny particles can easily pass through the lungs. The only advantage is the E-cigarettes are far better than the burning of tobacco products which is a normal cigarette. This will benefit the smokers who are adult and not pregnant women. They can use this as an alternative for the normal cigarettes which will cause more harm than the E-cigarettes. In case, if an adult is fully using the cigarettes all the time and is addicted only then the E-cigarettes can be used as an alternative.

If the person is not addicted to any of the tobacco products then it is not safer to use the E-cigarettes. The E-cigarette is not used commonly, on the side it is an advantage to the tobacco users and on the other side, it is not safe for the adults who are not aware of the tobacco products. Thus, scientists are trying to research more on this product. The only warning which has been given by scientists is not to use the E-cigarettes if the person is unaware of tobacco products. They are also focusing to find more on the long term health effects on using this product.

Harmful Substances in E-cigarettes:

Many people use regular cigarettes and get addicted to it. This will worsen their health more as the tobacco products will release harmful substances. These harmful substances will also fail the lungs. Some people result in cancer only due to excessive smoking. Thus, these serious health issues are only caused by smoking which may even include the use of E-cigarettes. Many people prefer E-cigarettes than normal products but both have the same level of harmful substances. The harmful substances which are present are nicotine, some ultrafine particles that are inhaled into the lungs deeply, volatile organic compounds, and chemicals that cause cancer. These substances will worsen even a healthy body and lead to serious medical issues. Thus it is better to quit smoking.