Fine Building Options with Eric Arnoux Real Estate

Eric Arnoux Real Estate

The architect’s fees are set as a percentage of the cost of the workaround 10-15% or on a fixed price basis, with the payment of installments as the project progresses. You benefit from the guarantees of the architect and of the companies working on the site: a guarantee of perfect completion, biennial guarantee and ten-year guarantee. With Eric Arnoux Real Estate you can find the smartest deals now.

The architect is presumed responsible for any disorder only within the limits of his mission. Hence the importance of drafting, before the start of works, an architect’s contract which precisely defines the content of the mission entrusted (choice of companies, supervision of works, etc.). For your part, if there is no architect’s contract, you are required to take out damage insurance.

Construction of a villa: reminder and budget to build your house yourself

The last option for building a house is self-construction. Concretely, this means that you build your house yourself. In addition to the satisfaction of having built your own house, this option has many advantages:

The major advantage lies in the financial savings: in fact, you do not have the price of labor to budget.

Eric Arnoux Real Estate

On the other hand, self-construction makes it possible to end up with a unique house, which you have been able to customize as you wish.

Self-construction does not necessarily mean that you build everything from A to Z: you can completely subcontract the parts that are not your strengths or leave on the basis of a kit house.

That said, before embarking on this major project, it is good to know that this requires:

  • Expertise in several areas of construction (masonry, plumbing, electricity, etc.)
  • A significant investment in terms of time, which can have repercussions on privacy if it is underestimated
  • To overestimate the budget: not necessarily being a building professional, it will rather be necessary to count more to be sure of not having any bad surprises.

Note: if you build your house yourself, you are not required to take out damage insurance. It would also be of no use to you since it only covers claims covered by the decennial; a guarantee that you cannot take out because you are not a professional.

Signed by the seller or promoter and the buyer, the reservation contract, also called “preliminary contract”, commits the seller to reserve the chosen accommodation for the buyer in the building under construction, in return for a deposit. Guarantee carried out on a special account in a bank or with a notary.

As a buyer or purchaser of accommodation, if you sign a preliminary contract, unilateral promise or compromise of sale: you have a withdrawal period of ten days the incompressible period during which you can reverse your commitment by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Whatever your reason for withdrawal, the amounts you have paid must in all cases be returned to you in full.

The sale

The final sales contract can be concluded from the effective start of construction. At least one month before the date of the signing of the deed, the property developer must send you a draft notarial deed to which the one to be signed by a notary must be faithful. You can thus verify that the authentic act of sale is in accordance with what had been agreed description of the accommodation, price, and delivery time.