How are you massaging your breasts?

how to massage your breasts

You can choose various massage techniques depending on the size and sensitivity of your breasts. It is important to remember before you start your routine to not stretch or exert excessive pressure on your breasts as this can weaken your skin elasticity. The use of creams or essential oils also helps to avoid friction during massage. You just need to know how to massage your breasts .

If you are a woman with sensitive breast skin, it is necessary to perform only more gentle massages. You should initiate a more intense massage routine for those with less responsive breasts, but in the event that you experience any pain, you have to stop immediately. Breast massage should be pleasant and relaxing under all circumstances.

What to do in breast massage

Different massage methods include rubbing and squeezing and gentle kneading. All of these methods lead to an increase in breast blood flow and drainage of lymphatic fluids.

Most women like to rub their breasts after a bath or shower to use the warmth and moisture in the skin. Warming your hands before the massage is also very effective as extra heat can benefit the breast tissue.

To begin with, here are some massage techniques you can instantly use.

Step 1.

The first massage, when you put your hands under your breasts. Rub your breasts in a circular movement, push your breasts in your hands first in a step towards your cleavage and then in the other direction again. This massage procedure increases blood flow to the breasts and is effective for the breast tissue. Many women like to use essential oils to facilitate lymphatic drainage for relaxation, such as tea-tree or camomile.

Step 2.

Our second massage is extremely effective when excess lymph fluids are drained. You want to place them on the exterior line of the nipple with the fingertips and then radiate the outer strokes to the underarm area. Do not stretch the nipple during this massage and during all massages you should be conscious of the sensitive nipple skin. Do not stretch this skin in any direction where possible.

Step 3.

Finally, you will want to make small circular movements on the outside lower part of your breasts without moving your skin over your breasts. Both movements should then be upwards to the cleavage and down again. Once, don’t move your hands over your nipple because it may stretch.

how to massage your breasts

It’s not long before you feel a warm tingling feeling in your breast. This increases the flow of blood that feeds the tissue and increases the drainage of toxins from your breasts. To make the most of your massage routine, it’s important to do it every day.

Initially, only the texture and tone of the skin will improve, but with time, you will also notice the tissue firing and many people have also seen a breast-size increase. If you perform your breast massage routine together with breast exercises and herbal supplements, you’ll notice a significantly more rapid increase in size and contour. You don’t have to go under the knife, but perhaps you need to change your approach. This way you can get what you want.