How to Choose the Right case for your iPhone 5s

coque iphone 5s

In order to provide some pointers to help those who have just bought themselves or to receive a brand-new iPhone to protect it at best, here are some brilliant ideas. The details are about not only their preferences, but also the advantages and disadvantages of the various coque iphone 5s solutions available on the market.

In addition to articles on the protection of the category Accessories iPhone and the many tests that they offer year-round, this is a guide to choosing iPhone protections, which is proposed to you. One thing is certain, do not take risks with your machine, it can be useful to protect it if you are the type to escape or work in difficult environments.

Why protection?

Even though the iPhone is resistant to water, liquids and dust, falls and other physical damage, it is not a panacea. Especially since the iPhone 8, the iPhone incorporates a glass plate in the back. The presence of this allows wireless charging of compatible devices, iPhone 8 and newer. The glass is obviously more fragile than aluminum, previously used for iPhone 6 and 7 in particular.

Choosing a protective shell is essential for smartphones. IPhones are known for their resistance. But you still need the protected because they are smartphones a little expensive. How to choose them? You will find in this article the answers.

The different types of iPhone cases

Different types of hulls are available on the market. First, the light hull with cheaper prices then the medium hulls that have a little aesthetic effect with medium protection comes. Then, the shells say strong for superior protection. Finally, the hulls classified Extreme that is ideal for iPhones that need armor. But before choosing your iPhone 5 cases, first take note of the items listed below.

Soft TPU hulls: These hulls have the following advantages: easy to set up, flexible, smooth and light.

Silicone hulls: They are designed to be very flexible. These shells will dress your iPhones while protecting them from possible shocks.

Rigid plastic shells

These are designed to give a beautiful image to your iPhone and withstand shocks. Some brands offer color or pattern customization.

coque iphone 5s


As the name suggests, these are bumpers for iPhone. They only protect the smartphone’s shutdown.

Genuine leather covers

Designed for leather lovers, but price is expensive. Tip: an iPhone 6 case or iPhone 5s leather case is a nice gift.

Hybrid hulls

It is the marriage between rigid plastic and soft material (TPU or Silicone).

Hulls made of reinforced materials

This is the most expensive type of hull on the market. It is effective in terms of protection because they were developed for the daredevil or the military.

Hulls those are not welcome for your iPhone

Some hulls are to be avoided for iPhones. The covers with a price too low and without mark are to be avoided automatically because the materials are of low quality. They will not even protect your smartphone. On average, the price of a case for iPhone varies between 10 to 20 dollars. This price is already affordable so if the shell you are going to buy is cheaper, change the target. The criteria to consider when choosing an iPhone case are in this article. So the choice depends only on you.