Lighting arenas and stadiums

portable light towers with generator

Every match will be spectacular. The state of health of athletes and fans depends on the light effects: too little light-dark, too much – blinding. Nice atmosphere and good visibility help players play better. Fans feel at home and come back again and again. Philips has developed special solutions for lighting indoor and outdoor sports facilities: stadiums, arenas, sports palaces, courts, and ice rinks. We will make the sports ground convenient for training and large-scale events. For the Interstate Rentals this is the perfect deal.

With Explosion Proof Stadium Light lighting, even an ordinary game becomes a truly exciting event. Illumination-free lighting helps cameras capture events, and viewers are good at viewing what is happening on the field. Sports lighting attracts fans and highlights the stadium compared to others. And intelligent control systems help reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. Learn how to expand the functionality of the stadium, increase the number of events held, save and transform the stadium into a unique, innovative multifunctional sports and entertainment complex.

portable light towers with generator

Optimization of operation

  • Prepare for the future with a flexible, advanced and multi-functional lighting system
  • Cut costs thanks to energy-efficient LED lighting, networking and remote monitoring
  • Get new sources of income with the ability to conduct various types of events in one stadium
  • Atmosphere improvement
  • Connect lighting, entertainment and sound to create a full immersion atmosphere for fans
  • Fulfil the requirements for slow-motion playback during broadcasts using flicker-free lighting technology.
  • Excellent colour rendering, temperature and light uniformity will help athletes see everything that happens on the field.

Safety enhancement

  • Increase safety and optimize movement in the aisles with high-quality lighting inside and around the stadium.
  • Improve navigation to get to places in the stands, restaurants, merchandise shops and stadium exits easier
  • Increase the stadium’s reputation by improving the safety and comfort of fans, athletes and employees.

Lighting options for sports facilities

  • Create an atmosphere of total immersion
  • Relive the facade of your stadium
  • Lighting bridges, monuments and facades
  • Well-lit office – multifunctional sports and entertainment complexes
  • Expand your stadium’s capabilities
  • Retail Lighting Solutions
  • Lighting solutions for hotels
  • Office lighting solutions
  • Increase safety and create an exciting atmosphere even before the stadium is filled with spectators – floodlighting for stadiums

Increase comfort for spectators on the way to the stadium

  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Lighting parks and squares
  • Lamps and lanterns for sports facilities and stadiums
  • The LED gen2 floodlight system is an innovative LED lighting solution for sports arenas that meets the latest television standards.
  • The searchlight, designed for sports stadiums and large indoor arenas, significantly increases the theatrical and emotional effect of sports competitions for television.
  • Raises the bar for the quality of sports lighting to the highest level; it guarantees an exceptionally high luminous flux, optical efficiency, simplicity.
  • LED floodlight floodlights set new standards by providing high-quality lighting for sports facilities of various levels of complexity.

Professional Services

Planning to upgrade lighting equipment? Taking into account your needs and wishes, we will assess the existing installation and provide you with a clear analysis and tips on how to optimize your lighting plan. It can include both a complete redesign of the system and the simple installation of compatible LEDs.