Linktree Alternatives for Your Instagram Bio Links

Linktree alternative

As anyone trying to promote their business on Instagram will know, one among the foremost frustrating things about the platform is that it only allows you to put one link in your bio.

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Obviously, this isn’t ideal if you’re trying to market several various things without delay, so what now? Are you simply visiting quit and accept those limitations?

Of course not! Being the savvy marketer that you just are, you’re visiting hunt for a workaround – and that’s where ‘link-in-profile’ tools like Linktree are available in.

But maybe Linktree doesn’t have all the features you’re trying to find. therein case, fear not, for we’ve put together this guide to the most effective Linktree alternatives for Instagram. Let’s get started!

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Linktree alternative

Benefits of employing a link-in-profile tool

Before we dive into the list of Linktree alternatives, let’s speak about why you must be using one in the first place.

Link-in-profile tools are a vital Instagram marketing tool for any brand or influencer and offer some serious benefits:

Cross-platform promotion— you’ll use the tool to cross-promote by linking intent on your other social pages.

Increased CTR (click-through rate)— giving your Instagram audience more click choices increases the likelihood that they’ll actually click through, thus boosting your CTR, one amongst the foremost important Instagram metrics.

More targeted— having more links to decide on from means you’ll be able to do more targeted Instagram campaigns with different links targeted at different buyer personas.

More affiliate sales— you’ll opt to add one (or several) affiliate links to your custom landing page moreover as your personal/branded links.

Better branding— you’ll be able to insert brand images on your landing page for better branding and visual identity.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is that the oldest and preferred link-in-bio tool on the market. At its core, it’s simply a tool that enables you to form a free landing page and generates a link to the present landing page that you just can place in your Instagram profile.

In doing so, you bypass the one-link limit on Instagram by directing your audience to a landing page crammed with multiple links. It’s a neat, elegant solution to an annoying problem.

What’s great about Linktree is that it allows you to brand your multi-link landing page together with your Instagram profile and name at the highest. It’s also really intuitive, easy to line up and even includes some very basic statistics. But it isn’t perfect.

When Linktree hit the market back in 2016, it had been a roaring success. Since then, a bunch of comparable tools has sprung up hoping to urge a share of the action. Many of them have sought to enhance upon Linktree by offering extra features that Linktree lacks, just like the ability to feature images to your links.le.