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Eric Arnoux designer

Designing the plan for your future home is the beginning of the dream. These few lines scribbled on a sheet of paper will be the basis of your project. Having your house built offers you 5 modern plans to find inspiration. Eric Arnoux designer steps in here with lots of options now.

Urban environment, young family building for the first time, beautiful wooden house, contemporary and bright villa or single-story house very well suited to its land, we have detailed four new houses to help you build your project or, at the very least give you constructive ideas.

A well thought out townhouse

The house: This is the Pro-ecoTM Patio house designed by Lafarge, in partnership with manufacturers. On one level, compact, it is particularly efficient since it consumes less energy than it produces. Compliant with positive energy house standards, in particular, thanks to the presence of solar collectors on the roof to power an electric car. It also has a green roof.

The plan: the living areas of the house are all organized around a central patio. This original distribution allows both to offer an intimate and friendly space in peri-urban areas while offering a modern and efficient architect’s house. The patio actually works like a bioclimatic greenhouse. In winter, the sun heats the glass roof preheating the air entering the house. In summer, the canopy opens to evacuate excessively hot air and create natural cross ventilation.

Having your house built likes: its modular dimension. Designed to adapt to the constraints of dense urbanization, this patio house measures from 93 to 180 m², or even more as needed. The patio will be closed or semi-open depending on the size of the land or the needs of joint ownership.

A special first-time home

High volumes thought with intelligence and cleverly arranged for a house with a slender silhouette: here is Capoeira, straight out of the catalog of contemporary models.

The house: This 95 m² house was specially designed for first-time buyers. It offers a large, welcoming kitchen, an 18 m² garage, and three bedrooms upstairs for more privacy. It also has a welcoming porch that overlooks the living room.

The plan: the watchword of this plan? Inside, everything has been thought of to save space. A large closet runs along part of the living room, a toilet is discreetly placed behind. The bedrooms all have high ceilings. And the smallest, which is still almost 10 m², has a large storage space.

Having your house built like the location of the kitchen. Located on the ground floor, the kitchen nestles behind a load-bearing wall in the extension of the living room. It is, therefore, part of the open room while being slightly set back.

A wooden house with character

The house: This extraordinary house with generous dimensions (450 m²) boasts its organic architecture which makes the link between man and nature.

Eric Arnoux designer

The plan: it revolves around three very distinct axes. In the vertical, there is a succession of technical rooms, the garage, a room of 15 m² which the future owner will decide on the occupation and a laundry room. Then comes a large living space consisting of a kitchen open to a living room that itself opens onto the outside. The whole is overlooked by a 49 m² mezzanine. Finally, an office serves as a transition with the sleeping area which has three beautiful bedrooms, two dressing rooms and three bathrooms.