Qualities of a reliable moving company

Moving to a new place definitely brings along a lot of thrill and excitement for the new journey awaiting ahead but it also comes with a lot of stress of moving the stuff along. This laborious task is sufficient to drain all of your energy and thrill. What comes to your rescue here is a reliable moving company. It is a set of people that take complete responsibility for moving all your stuff safely. Their team simplifies the titanic task of moving. They not just lift off all the stuff from your place but also all the burden from your shoulders. On the whole, they can prove to be a big helping hand and save your time for other important activities. As nothing in this world comes free, the moving companies also charge a  good amount of fee for their services. Though we can always ask our friends to come over and help, yet they can never surpass the expertise of professional movers. Right from securely packing your stuff to transporting it to your new place, they do all the work really effectively. But the big task here is to actually find a reliable and efficient moving company. Honestly, Google alone cannot help you find the best, they flood your screen with hundreds of names. So, in order to choose the perfect one, you need to do a little homework yourself. It is indeed a hard task.

Fortunately, the interesting part here is that your own friends, family, and neighbors can be of greater help than Google itself. There are high chances that someone from your known ones might have opted for moving companies earlier. Their reviews can really help you to locate one for yourself. The companies with the highest ratings on Google can also turn out to be disaster sometimes and the companies with a lesser and weaker web presence can sometimes create wonders for you. So, this kind of honest opinion can only be obtained from people and not Google.

Here are a few things that you must always consider while choosing a moving company for yourself.

Good reviews

Reviews tell you a lot about a company’s service, therefore, never neglect the reviews before finalizing a company. People usually drop in reviews describing their experience with the company and most of the time reviews described are genuine. It’s better to consider both the good and bad ones. A walk in the reviews can give you a better insight about the working style of the company and largely influence your choice. There are several websites that jot down these reviews of different people with different companies and introduce you to the hidden aspects of the companies.

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A blooming past record

Yes, years of experience do tell a lot about a company’s service. The companies serving brilliantly since the past few years usually outshine in the market. By peeping into the past record of the companies, we can learn about their punctuality, quality of service, and fair rates. Most of the time companies do not adhere to the promises they make online at the time of booking, which is why looking into the past record is extremely important. The wise advice is to always go for a company with a good past record than a newbie in the market.

License and insurance

Ok, so do not get trapped with hoax companies.

Do not just rely on anybody who creates a fake identity, brings in their truck, and loads all your stuff. Safety is a big factor that you just cannot ignore. Never forget to check the license of the moving company that you choose. The company needs to be officially licensed and insured. Do not just let go of your stuff to any fraud moving company. In case of interstate moves, do check the company for their USDOT number. You should also go through the licensing laws in your state in case of Intra State transportation.

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Transparent rates

Transparency of rates automatically attracts a large number of clients and also increases the trust of clients on the company. Though it is very much fair that the company cannot tell you the exact amount beforehand yet they can surely give you a rough estimate. The company usually informs the clients about the base rate which is entirely based on the number of movers required and the estimated number of hours employed to complete the task. Apart from this, they are likely to charge you extra for additional packing materials used or if any large or heavy objects are included at the time of moving. Just make sure that you take a rough idea about these additional charges beforehand. A company that refuses to share details of the prices should not be trusted at any cost. One must always go for the companies that follow the rule of transparency.

Suitability to your needs

Every individual has different requirements while choosing a movers sarasota. Before you decide on one, it is important to verify if it actually suits all your needs or not.  Here are a few things that you must consider while making a choice.

  • You should check if the company has the right size truck  to accommodate your boxes and furniture 
  • Check if they can abide by your time constraints. Do inform them about your desired pickup and delivery dates/times beforehand.
  • Ask them if they can provide you additional packing supplies such as bubble wrap, moving blanket, etc.

Beware the black sheeps

Though it’s not very common to encounter a hoax moving company, yet one cannot refer to it as an unlikely event. There are several black sheep out there who are always in the wait of trapping innocent people. So do not forget to ensure the safety of your stuff and money. You should always check if the company you hire is a genuine one or not. Always look for their past records and active license. Also,  look in for their valid physical address. The companies that ask for an advance deposit and that too of more than 20% are a  big NO, so do not ever miss out on these warning signals.