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The list of goods that cannot be returned back to the seller includes medicines; medicines cannot be returned and exchanged. Moreover, not only drugs, as well as other medical supplies are not refundable. These include syringes or contact lenses. To buy roxicodone online now the details are perfect.

The Difficulties

It is difficult to even imagine a situation when a person used, for example, a dropper to drip drops into his eyes and brought it back because it seemed to him of poor quality. In addition, medical devices cannot be returned because they must be stored under special conditions and at a certain temperature.

  • Therefore, a citizen who is wondering whether the medicine can be returned to the pharmacy must immediately understand that, according to the list established by law, this is prohibited. And only if the drug is of poor quality, it can be given back, but with some effort.

Is it possible to return a quality drug

Pharmacists rarely provide an opportunity to deliver quality products, and there are a number of reasons for this. If in the case of defective medicines there is a visual confirmation of the problem, then in the case of a product without flaws, you can pass it, if only:

  • An error occurred due to the fault of the pharmacist (he gave the drug an inappropriate dosage, not in the form or not at all the remedy that was needed);
  • An analog was offered by the pharmacist, but the buyer was not warned of his side effects.

It is also important to know:

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What is a denial of service and how to prevent it

That is, high-quality medicines can be taken from the buyer only if a pharmacist makes a mistake, which is not easy to prove.

To confirm the error, the buyer, declaring the desire to return high-quality medicines, must bring a witness who can confirm that the fault in the delivery of the wrong goods lies not with the consumer, but with the pharmacist.

However, in practice, witness statements are not the most reliable source for proving the guilt of a pharmacist. Therefore, this situation is easier to prevent than to solve. It is worth looking carefully at what the pharmacist gives out, checking the dosage and name, and in case of an analog recommendation, be interested in side effects and read the instructions on your own.

Buyer confused name

Pharmacists often encounter a situation where the buyer names the name of the wrong drug that he needs and now wants to return the goods. However, no pharmacy will refund money for purchased medicines even if there is a check, especially if the medicines are free of defects.

You can try to refer to the fact that a detailed study of the instructions revealed contraindications, according to which the medicine should not be taken. However, in almost 100% of cases, a categorical refusal by a pharmacist who is right in this situation will follow.

Pharmacist mistake

Errors of this type do not happen through the fault of the buyer, which means that the latter can count on a refund or exchange of an incorrectly issued product for the right one. The following series of errors allows you to get back funds.