The Essential Steps in the Entire Digital Marketing Process

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The next popular tip is Google’s tool, where you can easily and quickly see if your website is mobile-friendly. You just type in that URL and then you are told if the site is mobile friendly and what could potentially be improved. From felix wenzel now you will be getting all the required information.

Visual content for social media

Our most popular tip is this infographic, which explains why visual content is so appealing and gives you good advice on working with visual content on social media.

Content step-by-step

In place comes this infographic that guides you through the process of producing content. If you face this challenge on a daily basis, take a closer look at this infographic.

2019 Social Media Map

Do you also find it difficult to maintain an overview of the various social media and platforms available out there? Then this seventh place overview might be for you.

Cover photos for social media

Do you also have trouble keeping track of the different sizes and requirements for cover images on the many social media sites? Then Hubspot has created a number of templates that you can easily use yourself.

Make targeted updates on Facebook

This ninth-place video guides you through the possibilities of targeting your Facebook updates and hitting your target audience more precisely.

Social Media for B2B

In tenth place comes this infographic that deepens the use of social media for B2B companies. If you are working with marketing or sales in the B2B market, this infographic may definitely be relevant for you.

Keeping up-to-date with what’s happening in digital marketing isn’t always as easy as it happens so much and so fast. Therefore, in this blog, I will give you five great tips so you don’t have to go through everything.

Google Ads (Google AdWords)

As you all know, Google AdWords is nothing new. We can all agree on that, and then we can agree that Google often changes the look of its products. Recently, Google AdWords has been redesigned and renamed Google Ads.

felix wenzel

The first impression of the new version is that it is more transparent than the old version. For those of you who have also worked in Facebook Business Manager, you can recognize the dark frame of the new Google AdWords. The dashboard, on the other hand, is more like the new “Home” feature in Google Analytics. It provides a better overview of campaigns, clicks, average PPC and much more. We were pleasantly surprised by the new look.


SEO is something we are constantly working on and we are looking for good tools to help us with that. The nice thing about SEO optimizer is that it doesn’t just check SEO. It also checks performance, UI / mobile, social media and security. It gives you a full review of all the categories and what should be fixed. Check it out and find out what might need fixing.

All these options are now open for you and that you can make use of all at the right times. All you will need to do is to opt for the right process at the right time with the help of an expert.