The Use of Diablo 2 Items as You Play

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This game has already begun the fifth year. Collecting all kinds of awards, having visited most gaming PCs, walked up and down, also hacked up and down. In the original, it had a resolution of 640×480 and only after 2 years, together with the add-on, received an incredible 800×400. As you buy d2 items you can have the best options open now.

Online popularity

Of course, this is a great and terrible action or RPG from Blizzard Entertainment Diablo II plus the Lord of Destruction add-on. Do not be alarmed, we will not analyze for the first time a thousand, “how to fill up the barbecue with magpie” and look for the answer to the question “ where to find Baal .” Let’s look at the king of hack-n-slash from a new, slightly unusual angle.

Everyone who for some reason did not see DII, when they get acquainted with this game, they experience a slight shock from the news that the official servers still tremble under the pressure of those who want to fight in the fantasy spaces of five acts of the game. And this is when with every spiky or tailed inhabitant of this world you can easily drink tea, remember past battles and show off to your grandchildren. A little exaggerated, but the fact remains entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2002 as the most popular gaming service in the world over 6 million active accounts, thanks to DII.

“Devil longevity” even sincerely amazed fans of the game are sincerely surprised. The simplest explanation of the phenomenon, it would seem, lies on the surface: the game on, unlike most modern MMOGs, is completely free (however, license keys are required), while other online worlds will ask the player for a monthly fee of $ 10-20 per month. But … the simplest explanation is far from always the most correct. Because in DII, those who tried Dark Age of Camelot, Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Neocron, EVE Online, EverQuest and other online hits come back again and again and not for financial reasons.

Locations in Diablo II are not very vast but diverse

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What is the secret of the unique popularity of DII? Behind the game since July 2000, variously pumped characters, places in the ladder, dueling, joint walkthroughs, unscrupulous traders, cowardly and, on the contrary, heroic unfamiliar colleagues in open games, flirting, an extensive “Diary of a Diabloman”, serious emotions and participation in great accomplishments. It’s time to take stock and at the same time think about what is in it, in this simple action or RPG, which is so often and absolutely undeservedly called an unpretentious arcade. The author responsibly declares that the “venture” to to this day is so much that it will last another three years.

Components of success

Diablo II hereinafter referred to as both DII itself and the Lord of Destruction add-on is not an MMOG in the classic sense of the term Massively Multiplayer Online Game. The keyword “massively”, that is, “global”, drops out of it. This is the name of only games in which hundreds or even thousands of players can be present at the same time. As for DII, the maximum possible party here is 8 characters. Naturally, someone can exit the game, someone will enter it, but the restriction will remain.