Tree Services – Picking the right one for the job

tree service

Trees are like people – they need care to stay healthy and thrive.  Arborists are the people who are in charge of caring for trees, addressing problems when they crop up and ensuring their health. Tree care services companies have professional arborists working with them so that every aspect of tree care can be addressed.

Whether it is planting, monitoring growth, insect and disease management, treating the soil, protecting roots, pruning or cutting them down, an experienced and established Company has all the answers for homeowners. Whether you are looking to get a tree planted, pruned or cut down, there are few things to consider.

tree service

Tips to picking the service company:

  • Accounting for risks: It is essential to get trained professionals to do the work especially if it involves pruning and cutting down trees. This work is dangerous and requires training and the right equipment.  It can be done efficiently and safely by experienced and well-equipped professionals.
  • Licensing: Check with them about a business license and insurance. You as a homeowner will be liable for any injuries that workers suffer while they work on your property. A good service company will provide training to their employees with the right gear so that they can do their job better. Companies will usually need licenses to buy insurance – stay safe by requesting a copy of the license.
  • Safety gear: Personnel should have basic equipment like face shields, steel-toed boots and protective glasses. Those climbing trees to trim/prune branches should have ladders, sturdy climbing ropes and other gear which will make their job safer.  Ropes should be tough as lowering heavy wood causes a lot of friction.
  • Estimates for the job: Make sure to get an estimate in writing – this will help you protect yourself against hefty charges after the job is completed. Legitimate companies are always ready to provide this kind of information without any hassle.
  • Down payments: Services companies don’t usually ask for money in advance for taking on a job. They have to provide the equipment and manpower based on the job requirement.  Only home improvement companies ask for money to buy materials to start a specific task.  Make sure that the job is completed safely and cleanup is done too, before paying the bill.
  • Being patient: Be aware that prices for jobs can vary from company to company. One company may be better equipped to do a particular job than another.  The usual thing to do is bid higher on jobs that they specialize in. There will be instances when a company is really busy after a natural disaster like a storm – this can affect the prices they charge. There are other factors as well – so being patient, talking to more service companies and negotiating a price will help you get the work done right.  Keep in mind that working with trees is not a commodity for which prices can be determined and stay fixed.  There is an element of risk involved in the work and it is always better to work with a company that has the experience, equipment, manpower and insurance.
  • Tree service can be simple or very complex – some jobs can be taken care of with a cherry picker truck and others will require climbing. When trucks and other equipment are required to carry out a job, the costs can be high. Costs include insurance, maintenance, fuel, etc. and are usually passed on to customers.  This is a far better alternative than getting sued for injuries if a company doesn’t have adequate insurance.