What is Mahjong?

Mahjong, also called Majiang, mah Jongg, and many other variants is a game that originated in China. These are usually played by four players, but there are some three player variations, and of course you can play by yourself against the pc over at jogos 123. The game and its regional variants are widely played throughout East and Southeast Asia and have little support in Western countries. It is similar to a card game of draw. Mahjong is a game of skills, strategy, and budget and includes, of course, luck.
It is played with 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols, although some regional variations use a different number of tiles. In most changes, each player starts receiving 13 tiles.

Players, on the other hand, would pull and tile until they had completed the right hand by 14. Drawing a tile to form four groups (sets) and a pair (head). There are fairly standard rules on how to draw a piece, how a piece is stolen from another player and thus stitched together, using the most straightforward (tile numbers) and honors (winds and dragons), the types of sets, and the order they deal and play. However, there are many regional variations in rulebooks, but in western variations you will generally always come across the same rules. In addition, the scoring system and number (minimum) of hands required to win varies significantly based on the local rules used.
Here is one variant you can play yourself.

The basic rule of this mahjong game is to select all pairs of tiles by selecting pairs of tiles. Make sure that there is no other tile on the tile in question and that the tile is not blocked on the left and right.
There is only one level in each game. The winner is the one who at the end of the game scores higher points at the end of the game.
The game is over when all the tiles are removed from the field if the “Done” button is selected or the time is up. When no movement is possible anymore, further combinations can be removed by selecting the Back or Shuffle buttons. If this is not possible, “Done” must be selected for the game actually to end.
However, there are various variations of this game, it may be less than 144 tiles, but the goal of all mahjong games is the same,
Mahjong originates from China, so the rule is that the tiles are mostly Chinese letters and signs, but there are many other variants.

For two tiles removed, the user usually gets 20 points.
If he removes four ordinary tiles (character, bamboo, circle) of the same type in a row, the player receives 20 points for the first pair and 40 points for the second pair. If it works with wind tiles, it gets 60 points for the second pair, 70 points for kites and 100 points for bonus tiles. For example, if a player removes four red dragons in a row, he gets 20 plus 70 points.
If a player removes a series of tiles, whether in descending or ascending order, he/she receives the following points for the pair concerned:
(A series of tiles is any complete ascending or descending order of tiles with the same symbol. Such a series is possible with the symbols “character”, bamboo “and” circle “because the numbers 1 to 9 are next to the symbol.
The scoring system works the following way:
2nd pair – 30 points
3rd par – 40 points
4th pair – 60 points
5th pair – 80 points
6th pair – 100 points
7th pair – 130 points
8th pair – 160 points
9th pair – 200 points
Alright, that’s enough. Now you know the basic rules of Mahjong, and you can start playing. Have fun and enjoy!