Dominance in the economics of public communication


Television companies include organizations of impressive size. For example, fee income amounts to approximately 1.2 billion per year. The different group posted sales of 6 billion in 2015. However, if one compares this with the turnover of companies, the size is put into perspective. Thus, telecom achieved a turnover of 69.2 billion in 2015, and the number of employees of the group is just about 5% of the number of employees of telecom. While you  먹튀신ㄱ you can have the best options and solutions present now.


In the case of recipients, the importance of television is also relatives in economic terms: the household charge for television reception is $ 17.50 per month, and $ 16.99 is payable for a sky subscription Sky Starter. However, each household spends an average of $ 61 per month on postal and telecommunications and $ 326 on food and tobacco.

The total television production area corresponds to just over 1.8 billion per year about the sales of companies such as subsidiary Hermes Europe GmbH; this is also because the television market is still a strongly nationally structured market. Although broadcasts and formats are traded across borders and some television events are global in nature, this represents only a small percentage of the program and its turnover.

The decisive economic importance is of television by the advertising force, which is attributed to him and reflected in corresponding expenses. This too is very strongly structured nationally. In 2015, television advertising accounted for 46.1% of gross advertising expenditure. The proportion has thus increased in recent years.

Formation of journalism

Quantitatively, television journalists play a subordinate role. Although the share of journalists in our country has increased significantly since the expansion of supply, in 2005 only 15% of all journalists were involved in television. In the case of television service providers themselves, the journalists form a minority over the technical and business personnel.

Data about journalists

Data on the professional structure of journalists in our country are generally difficult to collect. This is mainly because the journalist is not a protected job title. So the population of all journalists in our country can hardly be determined. One way to reach at least a part of the professional group is by way of journalists’ associations. However, these two are generally reluctant to write to their members for research purposes, let alone publish their data to researchers. To make matters worse, journalists are very often contacted by researchers and students for studies, which reduce their willingness to respond.

Other indicators of the relevance of television journalists show a contradictory picture. For example, television journalists are, on average on the income scale of journalists on average. The fluctuation is correspondingly low. Their image shows strong differences: On the one hand, the television correspondent is the positive epitome of a journalist. On the other hand, television presenters have an even worse image than journalists in general.

Emphasis on media

Television is credited with a political significance that is beyond all other media by politicians, by journalists themselves and by the population, however, this meaning is also seen as problematic: the presumption of strong impact is the basis for the fact that television is the main subject of media criticism on television formats, the ghosts are regularly divided. The supposed effectiveness also forms the cognitive and normative basis of intensive regulation: television has always been at the center of media policy.