Dynamic and Static web page used in web

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The website can also be used in the purpose of fashions in a various manner such as the website used for the cooperate for the purpose of the company, a website which is used for the organization purpose, website which is used for the government and as well as the website which is used for the personal purpose etc..The purpose of running Web design manchester may be the work done by the organization which is related to the purpose of business or it may be handled by an individuals and moreover some websites may be dedicated in the form to produce a particular topic.

Web design manchester

If any website that used to contain the hyperlink to another website, the distinction process of an individual who attains a sight view that gets perceived by a user used to get blur. Some of the websites used to require the user’s registration or the process of subscription in order to access the content written by the individual.

Example for the process of websites which is the way of a subscription is a website which contains news used to contain sites which are related to business, websites related to gaming purpose, websites which related to the way of the journal in an academic manner, the websites which contain the messaging boards, websites used for sharing purposes. The web-related purposes are websites that would run for the purpose of social media, the website that used to provide stock market data in real-time, email and as well as the sites that used for the purpose of various other fields.


This website is the one who used to customizes or changes itself in a frequency and as well as in an automatic  manner. The server pages are getting generated by the purpose of on the fly, in which it gets access by the way of code that contains in the computer, which is able to produce the HTML which is abbreviated as Hypertext Markup Language. There is a wide possibility in system software like JSP which is abbreviated as Java Server Pages, CFML which is abbreviated as Cold fusion, CGI, Active Server Pages, these are used to generate the dynamic sites and as well as web systems which are in a dynamic manner. The frameworks application is used in the web and as well as the systems that are used for template manner is available for the use in general of languages in programming such as python, PHP, Ruby and as well as Perl which is used to make it easier and faster in creating the dynamic web sites which are said to be complex.


The web page in a static manner is also one of the pages on the web that used to store on the server with the same format it has been sent to a web browser for a client. This type of website is coded primarily in the manner of CSS which is said to be abbreviated in the form of Cascading Style Sheets and as well as  HTML  (Hypertext Markup Language ), used to control the appearance which is present beyond the HTML in a basic manner. Marketing or the simpler forms are examples of web sites like the website in a classic, the brochure, or even containing the five-page is said to be a static website.