Media and the real image of the world

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Media is an institution striving to provide important or less important information from the world. We are recipients. By watching TV, listening to the radio, using the internet and reading newspapers, we learn what is currently happening in the city, state or in the world. We can also relax and “break away” from everyday duties. You can count on the Nigerian News perfectly there.

Nigerian News

Today, the media has become an inseparable part of reality. They have a huge impact on people and specific communities. They not only organize life, but also lead to changes in the intellectual sphere, but lead to changes in the intellectual, emotional and social spheres. They are an important and constantly developing sector of collective life, a type of economic activity, they provide work to people of various professions, and they determine the sought-after cultural products. They are great institutions that bind others. Media is an instrument of social power, a tool for control, social management and mobilization.

  • They play a huge role in the media in contemporary education. It is a valuable source of information, both for teachers and students. Modern mass media allow you to learn about the world, promote new trends and help you create your own value systems as well as attitudes and skills. They are a window to the world for those who skillfully use it. Therefore, the role of the media in contemporary education must be seen not only in the aspect of incredible opportunities and the creation of huge opportunities but also in the aspect of dangers, especially educational and social. Especially we, young people, must learn how to properly and critically receive media messages. Often for young people, the Internet has become a place of entertainment and even gambling, for example, young people can sit in the chat all night or play games, earning or losing money.

Many people asked about the impact of the media on him would say that the media serves him for entertainment, for contacting others, for receiving information from the country and the world. And hardly anyone realizes that the media, especially private but not only give us false or unverified information.

Each of us watches films that often have a huge impact on us. Often, they cause us something like aggression, which we transfer to people in our immediate environment. Insensitive people, they can cause anxiety. Characteristic for television information mix using more and more perfect special effects, evocatively shows violence, aggression and killing. In some programs, it displays negative messages, in others, light, easy and pleasant life.

Higher spheres, generally more colourful

This can build a special media awareness by blurring the boundaries between what is real and what is fictitious. This especially threatens children because they cannot rationalize facts. They often consider film events to be true, not real ones. Because they do not yet have the ability to select information, they are often uncritically subject to the patterns presented on television. Gaining the belief that violence always pays, they fall into anaesthesia eliminating compassion and fear.

Children due to their psychosocial features such as dynamism, openness, absorptiveness for new things, willingness to become like a group, are quickly influenced by consumption and market behaviours infiltrating from Western countries to us with all this positive and negative consequences.