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The child does not need to know the password for this new account. It is advisable to enable two-factor authentication on it, by itself, tying it to your phone, and not to children’s. Note that starting from version 7.0 in Android, you can create a “child’s” account using the Family Link function, but so far it is available only in the USA and only in invitation testing mode. With the use of the Best Phone Spy Reviews you can know the best app now.

  • So, turn on the phone, in the start dialog, select the addition of a Google account, specify the desired e-mail and other data, enter your age and phone number, accept the terms of use.
  • If this is not the first launch of the smartphone, then you can create a new account here: Settings to Accounts to Add account to Google, in the window that opens, select Or create a new account.
  • It’s better not to indicate the “payment instrument” data for Google Play unless you plan to have a separate card for the “pocket money” of the child. But the issue of payments can be solved in another way – we will return to this a little later.

The Account

An account is needed to synchronize contacts and photos, as well as use the Google Play app store, but mail as such, most likely, will not be required. Based on this, we configure everything accordingly: on the phone, launch Settings, go to Google Account Settings and turn off Gmail synchronization.

Best Phone Spy Reviews

Google family account

If parents also use Android, it makes sense to have a family account – then it will be possible to use paid purchases on all family devices, as well as pay for something from a child’s phone using a parent card (but only with explicit parental approval).

  • This is done through Google Play from the parent phone. Having opened the Google Play application, we call up the menu, click Settings to Account to Family subscription to Add or invite participants. Through this screen, you can invite your other half, as well as children, indicating their Gmail addresses.
  • From the child’s phone, this invitation must be accepted. After that, on your phone in the family settings, you need to open the appeared profile of the child and select the desired mode of approval for purchases only paid content.

Now, when you try to buy an application or some kind of magic sword in the game, the child will receive a warning that the purchase must be approved by the parent. And only after entering your password (from the parent account) will the money be debited from the card.

No Inappropriate Content: Google Play

To prevent the child from downloading adult games or songs with obscene lyrics, activate the parental control on Google Play. Again we go into the application of the same name on the child’s phone, call the menu Settings to Parental Control.

First of all, you will need to enter a pin code that you need to remember, but do not tell the child – it prevents the control from being turned off. After entering the pin code, you can select age limits separately for games, movies and music.