All you need to know about hardwood flooring

hardwood flooring

The hardwood flooring Installation is considered to be the best flooring in today’s time because it changes the entire look of the interior of your home. In passing years wooden flooring has been a trendy way to decorate and enhance your interior. Through this article, I will let you understand the method to install hardwood flooring and precautions.

Floor cleaning

First of all, you have to clean your floor very well so that there is no dust on it at all. Vacuum the area so that it is easy to install the wooden floor. After cleaning the floor, adjust the form properly and spread it in all the areas in which you have to get the wooden flooring done.

Cutting and adjusting

After cleaning, now you do not have to move the flying plant on the floor, the most important thing in this process is that in some places the room is not flat and there are broad ones which need to be adjusted for this. Proper cut and fit in shape. The joint of the planks is not visible due to the locking system of the goods.


Wherever two-room joints come, there is a use of profile, especially where the door stopper comes, the profile seems to be near the door stopper because the gas between the two rooms is about 4 inches. Hence the profile is installed.

Skating and beat

The seed is applied to the corner of the wall from where the wall and floor connect to each other. The beat is applied through the pin by cutting as per the need.


Three more screws are concealed in those places using paint as a finish. Three more screws are used while applying many things. They are painted on top of it to hide them so that everything looks natural.

Note point

Hardwood flooring is highly affected by changing weather as hardwood changes its size as the weather changes, so it is mostly used in places where there is cold weather and there is not much reshuffling in the weather.

How to take care of your hardwood floor

Taking care of your hardwood floor is a crucial step to maintain the durability of your flooring. If you missed out on the precautions when you might be paying high bills for the maintenance cost. Have a look over the building precautions and caring measures for hardwood flooring.

Avoid the use of soap or detergent or any kind of strong cleansing agent because it can destroy the polish of the word as well as the colour of the flooring. Even if you are using any kind of cleansing agent then make sure to use the one with the low power.

hardwood flooring

Make sure to polish the floor after a certain interval of time. By doing so you can prevent the attack of termites and can also maintain the sign of your floor.  Termite attacks are quite frequent in wooden flooring. Experts suggest polishing the floor after each year.

Use blinds to protect the wooden floor from discolouration caused by the hard sunlight. This even enhances the durability of the floor.